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envoPAP ensures the sustainability of the start, use and end of its products' life to protect the environment.

envoPAP makes innovative packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet. Our production process has a significantly smaller environmental footprint than traditional packaging and paper products because we use renewable sources like agro-fibres as raw material instead of virgin fibres and fuel-based materials, like plastic.

Raw Materials

Using discarded agricultural fibres that are available in abundance.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Reducing your carbon footprint from Day 1 by 28%-38%.

Additional Income

Paying farmers for something they burned and/or landfilled previously.

Circular Economy

Closing the loop through 4 end-of-life streams.

Deforestation Reduction

Saving more than 1 million trees with these new raw materials.

Air Pollution Reduction

Preventing agricultural fires that would otherwise be burnt to clear the land.


We started as a sustainable paper company in our attempt to disrupt the industry. Rigorous R&D helped us add packaging materials to our repertoire and we regularly test our materials for brand new applications. Our cutting-edge products sit at the intersection of quality and sustainability.



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